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tv   News  ABC  July 27, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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of the delaware beaches. 48 lightning strikes in ocean city in the last 20 minutes. that is pretty impressive. you're about two lightning strikes a minute there. we'll show you most of southern maryland, in on the storm action. showers are trying to roll up 95 out of the dc area and could clip laurel and this could hit downtown. not a big one here but yeah, laurel on through brooklyn park, glen burnie, looks like this shower trying to head in your direction. it's going to get a little wet in the city downtown, at least the southern half of the beltway and the 95 stretch. this could hit whitemarsh as well with a shower over the next 20 minutes. yesterday we had large hail and damaging winds and about an inch and a half of rain in lisbon up towards churchville, howard through harford county, big storms yesterday starting to break up a little this morning. but more showers south and east side this morning. more for all of us this afternoon. the big storms certainly having a big impact on some of the side streets as you make your way out and about this morning. also getting word of lights
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out, traffic lights out in owings mills, reisterstown road at south colgate. still working that crash eastbound 70 at route 32. park heights avenue remains closed throughout the morning between greenspring valley and walnut. also working that crash in the nottingham area, honeygo boulevard and whitemarsh boulevard. and downed trees in reisterstown, nicodimas road and berryman lane. 83 pretty much a smooth ride from the pennsylvania state line to the beltway. no problems to report on the east side of the outer loop, 95 southbound looking good down through harford county, through to about 695/895 split. no problems to let you know about here at the tunnels, 895 and the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza are looking good at this time. a quick look at the cameras, this is going to be 695 at the bw parkway. ing see there's -- you can see there's hardly anybody out there. it looks good at this hour. back to you. 5:31. it's reckless and this morning, that could be the reason a cab driver is dead, from drag racing. sherrie johnson picks up that story. >> reporter: everyday
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thousands of people travel on northern parkway and what is so disturbing, this could have happened to anyone. the crash happened about 11:00 last night at the intersection of northern parkway and woodcrest. near pimlico racetrack. witnesses say several cars were racing down the street when they slammed into a cab driver who was trying to make a u turn. sources tell abc2 news that the cab driver died instantly from the impact. four others were injured in the crash and taken to shock trauma. one witness did not want to be identified on camera. she says this accident is a senseless tragedy. >> they crazy. young people just acting crazy. >> reporter: it's no secret reckless driving and street racing has been a problem in our state. in june 21-year-old mary katherine abernathy of columbia and jonathan henderson of la plata were killed while welcome back a drag race in i-70 and woodlawn and another case, eight people were killed when watching a street race.
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this latest accident, police hope to find some answers. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:32. a health scare for french president nicolas sarkozy after he collapsed during a workout. his security says he fell down while jogging at the palace of versailles near paris yesterday. so far medical tests have shown sarkozy's illness was due to heat and overwork. doctors already sent him home. he's out of the hospital now. in india, a military milestone. the country launched its first locally-built nuclear-powered submarine. that makes india now one of only six countries in the world to design and construct such vehicles. the indian primen prime minister says it means no aggressive plans. james von brunn is expected to be in court later this week. the 89-year-old was supposed to be in court earlier this month
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but his attorney said he was still recovering from his gunshot wounds and could not leave the hospital. von brunn's court appearance is scheduled for this thursday. baltimore county police have a person in custody this morning in connection with a sunday morning stabbing that happened in middle river. it happened around 2:30 in the morning on bonfire restaurant. police haven't released the name of the victim or suspect in the case. a man in custody. police say he bought guns and marijuana and brought them to the arundel mills mall. security contacted police when the man was seen spray painting his own car in the parking lot. police say when they questioned him he said "i should just kill everyone." police found the drugs and gun in his backpack along with a loaded shot gun in the trunk. the suspect identified as timothy barnes from virginia. being held on $3 50,000 bond. it's been a year since a government scientist killed himself while investigated for the deadly anthrax mailings in
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2001. now the justice department is on the verge of closing this case. you may remember this story. bruce ivins used to work as a microbiologist in fort detrick in fredrick county. killed himself as the fbi closed in on him last summer. several law enforcement officials said they had planned to close the case last week but government lawyers wanted more time to review all the evidence and then decide what can be made public. five people died in the anthrax mailings and many more became sick. prosecutors say they are confident that ivins acted alone. three people are still in the hospital after an apparent carbon monoxide leak in essex. yet again. at the cove village apartments, they've been plagued with natural gas leaks in the past. fire crews rushed to an apartment on barnacle court yesterday afternoon. they traced the leak to a malfunctioning stove. a man and two women were taken to franklin square hospital for treatment. while a relative asked when this would end. >> my aunt was light-headed and
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she was just complaining of a headache. once the detective went up that's when they called 911. >> they just set her down or do something. >> the victims' names and conditions haven't been released. abc2 news tried to contact the apartment's complex managers but our calls were not returned. 5:36. just sit back and imagine a world taken over by r2d2, a robot from battlestar galactica. >> really? >> we have robots smarter than us 50, 100 years from now? i'm not sure. >> scientists are now saying this very well could happen if we don't pay attention. we are sharing what we learn. let's look live outside now. 72 degrees. humid out there. are there more storms ahead? we'll check in with justin berk. let's check in with mark jones now. >> the commute start is good, marc train, no delays reported
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on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. light rail and metro subway running on time as well. on the buses, 77 diverted at edmondson and ingleside due to a watermain break. and the number 17, a diversion at nursery and winterson. say "booger."
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welcome back. monday morning. to "good morning maryland." >> let's look at the weather. >> a rough morning for some on the eastern shore now. check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. some pretty hefty rains now on the delmarva from delaware on in through southern portions, out towards ocean city. we take you a little closer -- now that we have the shower we've been talking about rolling from the south, just a little closer, with rain passing through annapolis and eastern shore, we're also watching this shot from laurel and heading up through elkridge and arbutus looks like over through downtown baltimore and dundalk and it looks like essex and perhaps pushing over towards the northeast side as we head on into the next, say half-hour, over perry hall and whitemarsh, they will get a little wet. 75 nearby parkville. 69 cockeysville and westminster. a muggy 74 with rain in glen burnie and stevensville.
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we average near 70 this morning. basically cities south and east, the best chance of rain this morning. more showers and storms after 3:00 this afternoon. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> you have a smooth ride on 95 southbound from the harford county line through to about the 695/895 split. however, we're still working that crash 70 eastbound at route 32, police still on scene for that. also have downed trees and power lines all throughout the area. park heights avenue closed between greenspring valley and walnut. expect that to remain closed all morning long. honeygo boulevard at eastbound whitemarsh boulevard, closed to are a major crash there. in owings mills, reisterstown road and south tollgate lane, traffic lights out. expect that to be a four-way stop sign when you get there. 695 at the bw parkway, no problems to report at this time. traffic is flowing freely. back to you. a lot happened across baltimore while you slept. >> and this morning abc2 news has you informed. >> police investigate a deadly
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5:44. web -- when somebody blows by on the beltway, you worry about an accident. >> and drag racing could have led to a deadly finish last night. abc2 news sherrie johnson
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joining us with more. >> reporter: good morning. sources say one person died overnight after a suspected street race in northwest baltimore. the crash happened about 11:00 last night at the intersection of northern parkway and woodcrest, that is near pimlico racetrack. witnesses say several cars were racing down the street when they slammed into a cab driver who was trying to make a u turn. sources tell abc2 news the cab driver died instantly from that impact. four other people were injured in that crash and taken to shock trauma. one witness did not want to be identified on camera. she says this accident is a senseless tragedy. >> they was racing down northern parkway, hit the cab driver. cab driver flipped over as you can see. he pronounced dead and the rest of them got away. the ambulance came, four separate ambulance. >> reporter: this is not the only case of reckless driving. in june 21-year-old mary katherine abernathy and
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jonathan henned henderson were killed while watching a drag race in woodlawn. and in prince george's county, eight people died while a car plowed into them watching a street race. in the meantime, this latest accident, police hope to find some answers. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. in westchester county, new york, police set up an accident recreation scene to learn how a crash killed eight people. how this all happened. investigators say a family's mini van was going the wrong direction, crashed into two other vehicles killing a total of eight people including four children. a look at the other top stories. if you're counting we could have had 23 people shot in baltimore city last night. listen to this -- around 9:00, 12 people including ad to lady ing a -- toddler and prel woman were shot on -- egnant woman were shot on ashland avenue in east baltimore. there's no motive yet.
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and in east baltimore. this one happened on east baltimore street. police say this is just walking distance from the multiple shooting on ashland avenue, the one jimmy was just talking about -- jim anywas talking to. and two men shot in the 200 block of asgive. before 2:00 in the morning. they are expected to be ok. a pizza deliveryman shot and robbed 1:00 this morning. that happened on harford road but police say they don't have any suspects. this is all about picking up the debris left behind from the strong storms in baltimore county. heavy rains and winds packed gusts as high as 60 miles per hour across the region, even dropping golfball-sized hail. at last check bge was reporting a little over 15,000 customers still without power this morning. officials do confirm this was not a tornado.
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strong storms, up to an inch and a half of rain yesterday. we had up to golfball-sized hail in parts of harford county, even hail back through howard county. it's very muggy this morning. we still have more storms to deal with. 62 degrees in baltimore now. check out the regional satellite and radar composite. as we back it up from 12 hours ago where the storms were rolling through our northwest side and also across the delmarva, it looks like it pretty much has not moved. we've got this conveyer belt of moisture continuing to pump in more moisture, we've got that across the delmarva, a few showers re-firing around baltimore. looks like even north and west of baltimore showers trying to move in. we're not just confined to the city and bay and lower eastern shore. frontal boundary to the west. it's stalled. it's going to the stay stuck there for the next couple of days. we generate more showers around the bay. i don't know why we jumped ahead to tuesday midday but overall that is the idea. we get showers tomorrow afternoon.
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even though we get a break in the afternoon, each afternoon this week likely to remain stormy. two-degree guarantee 8 , that is the -- 87, that is the normal high, with storms re-firing this afternoon and evening. we settle back to 68. tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and friday and saturday and sunday -- take your pick, each afternoon, scattered showers and thunderstorms. not a complete washout but something to keep an eye to the sky. temperatures peak out at 89. tomorrow 87, wednesday, thursday and cooler into the weekend. kim? >> getting words of an injury accident downtown at st. paul street at north avenue. use caution in that direction. we're still dealing with the crash on eastbound route 70 at route 32. that single vehicle accident remains on the scene. downed power lines and downed trees probably going to keep park heights avenue closed between greenspring valley and walnut. and honeygo boulevard at eastbound whitemarsh boulevard remains closed because of the earlier crash. reisters road at south tollgate lane, traffic lights remain out.
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treat it as a four-way stop. no problems around the beltway as we look at the map. also looking good at the tunnels and 83 southbound is a clear ride through to about pennsylvania state line down to about the beltway. outer loop at 695 at the bw parkway, you can see we have building volume in the southbound lanes of 295 but everything looks smooth as you make your way northbound towards the city. back to you. 5:50. you remember the matrix when morpheus told neal that robots would eventually take over the world? >> and now there's a article in "the new york times" that says machines may outsmart man. >> reporter: it's been a staple of science fiction for decades from the computer that comondeers the spaceship in "2001". >> i know you and frank were planning to disconnect me. i'm afraid that is something i cannot allow to happen. >> reporter: to the semis that take over the truck stop in "maximum overdrive."
5:51 am
to the machines that nearly wipe out humanity in the tv show "battlestar galactica." but now a group of real-life scientists is taking the possibility seriously and talking about how to make sure technological research moves forward in a way that minimizes the odds of humans losing control of the machines we build. >> what happens when we have robots starter than us, 50, 100 years from now? i'm not sure. if we're very lucky those supersmart robots will treat us like pets. if unlucky, it will be like food. >> reporter: to be sure, we're a ways off from those things but there are recent technological developments that do give scientists pause. for example, this robot that can navigate by itself opening doors and finding sockets where it can be recharge without any human guidance but professor
5:52 am
tom mitchell at the meeting of scientists in california says the notion of machines developing their own agenda is far-fetched. >> the idea we suddenly go from being smarter than computers, to stupider than them, just doesn't quite -- it seems an oversimpleification. >> reporter: what the professor does worry about, however, is criminals using unstoppable computer viruses to turn our cell phones against us, stealing our valuable information or those predator drone spy planes being able to make their own decisions about which terror suspects to kill. >> it makes fighting more likely. it puts humans too far away from the weapons and from the slaughter and the killing that actually happens. >> we've been hurling recklessly down this technological path for 100 years and it's not likely to change. the most we can hope for is that we will hurl down this path with our eyes wide open. aware of the potential risks and anticipating and making the
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most of the best consequences. >> reporter: still ahead -- the old man in the sea alive and kicking at key west this weekend. oh, what's this? breakfast. it's kind of early, buddy. you've got to need to take some cholesterol off you.
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here we are at the 2009 ernest hemingway look alike contest. we had the crowning in key west. the turtleneck sweater despite 90-degrees temperatures. douglas beat the other lookalikes. he won the competition on his eighth attempt after originally entering on a dare. he says he shares hemingway's fondness for fishing and cocktails. while live in key west during the 1930s the real hemingway wrote some of his most famous works including "whom the bell tolls," "death in the afternoon." it's pretty close. >> they all look so much like him. unless it's just the white beard and then you think hemingway. now to the exclusive weathernet before the 6:00 news. >> 75 degrees at the inner
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"good morning maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. the start of the workweek again. monday, july 27th. we have weather and traffic in a moment. first, the stories we're working on for you today. northern parkway is not northern raceway but last night two cars pushed it to a deadly finish. >> a family's mini van goes the wrong way and ends up with four kids and four others killed. and yet another c.o. attack at cove village. so what happened yesterday? we'll find out in a moment. first, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> here he is, justin berk. >> me and the radar. want to make sure there's a difference. good morning to you at 5:59. big storms yesterday, heavy rain. we had large hail. we got the same thing this morning. not just the hail but heavy


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